Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce

The Nike Air Force 1 ultraforce is an improved version of Nike’s classic Air Force 1 shoe, which is based on the new Nike ultra technology to reshape the classic shoe. Breathable mesh and cut-out elements are added on both sides of the shoe for better visual experience and ventilation. Air Force 1 ultraforce not only inherits Air sole air cushion and ultra insole, but also adopts multi-material splicing scheme in the vamp design, which not only has a strong sense of street fashion, but also combines soft leather and mesh fabric, with excellent air permeability and wearing experience. The air force 1, originally built for the court, has come to life. The new design and technology added to the classic make the Nike Air Force 1 ultraforce light, soft and fit without any burden and bulky appearance, providing an unprecedented comfortable experience of the Nike Air Force 1

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