adidas Originals NMD Racer

In early 2018, Adidas origins NMD racer, a new member of the NMD family, was officially launched. After the evolution of NMD R1 to NMD R2, Adidas origins continued the nomadic concept of “nomad” and continued to add impetus to the NMD family. Inspired by the bold design elements of running shoes in the 1980s, NMD Racer continues the design characteristics of NMD family shoes and body. It uses primeknit material to create a sockete shoe body. The two sides and heel are respectively reinforced with three thread logo and TPU, and are decorated with Patchwork and contrast stitching as details. The original EVA stabilizer on boost was moved to the heel to cover with a half arc, while the granular details on the flexible quickstrike outsoles extend to the front of the middle sole, showing a different personality charm.

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